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    2021 Strength of Schedule

    I’m very excited to see both lines next year. Thinking they could be greatly improved. The secondary last season was horrendous. However iwilling to give them a covid pass bc no other explanation makes any sense. We have a great DB coach with Collins. We have legit talent in the secondary -...
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    2021 Strength of Schedule

    Agreed. Not seeing them as world beaters.
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    How many Tech games have you attended

    I’ll say 180. 6 per season since 1990.
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    NC State Postgame

    Agree to disagree I guess
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    NC State Postgame

    This blows. However, if Gibbs played we win.
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    Game 9 #GTvsNCSU Predictions

    I think we pull it out by 14. We are undefeated in road games with fans in the stands this year. I actually think that is a meaningful stat. As much as CGC preached “bring your own juice” before the year started, it’s clear that this team feeds off of crowd energy.
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    The Refs

    One inconsequential eff-up but still utterly bewildering to me... Duke’s first punt was downed by them at the 10.5 yardline. The duke player immediately hands the ref the ball and the ref places it directly behind the 10 yard line. It cost us like 2 feet, but still... it is the easiest “spot”...
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    #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    They said his forward progress stopped at the 1. This happened right in front of me. He ran into the end zone on his own. Forward progress isn’t reviewable so we were S.O.L. With this call, and the call where we tackled the UCF running back 12 yards behind the line, and they walked it up to a...
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    GT - ND postgame thread

    Why is ESPN saying we are 2-13-1 against ND all time on their bottom line ticker? That’s not true but keeps flashing up as I watch the uva game.
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    Turnovers and Special Teams

    Thanks cuse
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    Turnovers and Special Teams

    Anyone know the number of kicks (field goals and extra points) attempted this season and also the number of successful tries?
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    Roll Call (and tailgating?) for Saturday

    Idk ab tailgating but I’ll be at the game.
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Yes I’d say so. If anything it could be the slightest bit big. But “true to size” is a good descriptor.
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    Jamious Griffin balled out, too.