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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Very true & good point. There’s an alternate reality where the CGC bet panned out but that’s not this reality. Unfortunately it seems 2021 will be an even worse year for pecking order- there’s a lot of high profile opportunities; we’re not one of them
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    Swimming is about to be really good..

    I’d love to continue to see Tech become more dominant across our other sports. Provides more opportunity & fun. For swimming, we certainly have the facilities to excel!
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    Potential playoff expansion

    I really love this proposal- it heightens the regular season but balances the conference champs well. However, although more football games are great, is 17 too much (12 reg season, 1 conf champ, 1st round, quarters, semis, final) for a college season? I don’t think it’s a negative but wonder...
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    Georgia Tech, Your 2021 ACC Champions

    What a freaking run. Let’s keep it going!!
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    Game Thread - Syracuse, 12/7

    Tough game, but we need to remember this is the middle of exam week... they are still students. They certainly looked that way
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    Jalen Camp out for season

    This is a really good point- depending on your major, WHY would you want to tack on a 5th year of Tech for another grinding season. To each their own, but unless there's a true opportunity for the NFL, I would move on.
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    Heat Index and game time - NCAA

    GT Tulane in 2014 when they opened their new stadium was absolutely miserable... It’s ridiculous how hot it can get and how dangerous it can be
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    Recommendations for First Time to Clemson

    Jugheads was great for their hotdogs- wide variety. However, I believe they’re now closed.
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    The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    Yes they were
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    Braves GT night hat request

    They sell the hats in the main Braves clubhouse store- I picked one up in May
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    Mercedes-Benz ACC Takeover

    Fantastic slate of games
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    A good read.... yes, believe it or not, from the AJC (Link)

    I think the opinion's argument is poorly constructed, but some of the pieces make sense: As a Georgia resident, if you are not admitted to GT, then there aren't many other in-state engineering programs (of similar quality) to consider. This is a problem since in-state tuition and the Hope...
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    European Soccer

    What a game and what an ending- that VAR taketh away
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    Atlanta United News

    What a game- great comeback, and Shea looked great. Almost every starting player is a strong MLS starter- if the team continues to mesh, we could blow last year out of the water Still to early to tell. but VAMOS
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    Slightly off topic: you guys should check out the US Soccer team

    Oh, the similarities... although hopefully flipped for the other "GT". USMNT side though, I hope Berhalter is able to really change things around... in addition to Collins...