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    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! To close out a September that for the first time in a long time will have had no nooners, the Brave and Bold take it on the road for the first time this season to Orlando to play in what will be the warmest environment this season as the weather looks to be...
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    Anyone else unable to access their season parking?

    Look for the email from back on 8/22 to download directly for each game to your phone
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! It's going to be a beautiful late summer day with plenty of sunshine with a high in the low 80's. A little extra time to get yourself down to Grant Field and setup a tailgate and prepare yourself for the game. Ole Miss is coming to town, something Dodd...
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    Game Day Roll Call!!

    Gonna be in my seat in 111, assuming I can get in.
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    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! Get up and get your gold on, it's time to head down to Grant Field, wait - what? Another night game? Against an FCS opponent? In September? You gotta be kidding me. Well then, it appears that you have plenty of time to get your youth sports and chores...
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    103 row 50 something, I don't remember. Heading to the Gulch now.
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    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! The offseason is over. Time to wonder about what or how things will be different this year is over. Today the 2022 season begins for GT and we can talk about what is really important; uniform combos. Ha, ha, ha, NO. (GWG is . . . ) Today the...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today, is probably going to be a hard day. When it comes to football the next several weeks may be even worse. But today - today I am going to go to Grant Field to support my team. I have thought about this post for several weeks and how I would craft...
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    Brothers and Sisters it is Gameday! I have been sitting here contemplating this post and the one I made in 2015 before the ND game came to mind. I was sitting in a Courtyard room in Kokomo, IN after spending the better part of a day driving up there and way too much time trying to find a cold...
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    Bothers and sisters it is Gameday! On what is shaping up to be an excellent example of Football Weather, the BC Eagles have come to the Flats. The Jackets have had only slightly better luck than the Eagles in the ACC; the Eagles had a four game slide before picking up a W against VPISU after a...
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    Mack Brown cost his team this game.
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    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! I know, I know. A perplexing season so far for sure. It seems that if it weren't for bad luck, GT would not have any luck at all. Here we are with three wins with only four games remaining and it seems that things will only get worse the rest of the way...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! No lazy day today, get up and get your gold on and head down to campus for a damp & cool Homecoming. Then get ready to cheer on the Brave and Bold as Vipisu comes to Grant Field. *checks season-to-now results* Looks like we are due for a W today based on...
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    Gameday !!!!!!!

    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! On what looks to be a cool Fall evening, the Yellow Jackets are on the road in Charlottesville to take on the UVa 'Hoos. We get all day to get chores done, go to some youth sports games and pick up some refreshments. Then it will be time to cheer on the...