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  1. Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    UGA, ecstatic that Collins is coach at GT, will work hard to keep the score differential from being an impetus for the immediate removal of Collins wins by 28.
  2. Expansion Talk 2021

    If you go this route, then I would replace UCLA with Stanford.
  3. All Time GT Team

    Sorry, In my opinion Calvin was mostly wasted at Tech, unlike Drew Hill, Del White and Kelly Cambell, who were used superbly at Tech.
  4. All Time GT Team

    QB - S. Jones, J Hamilton; WR - Drew Hill, Dez White; RB - Eddie Lee Ivory, Jon Dwyer; (Tony Hollins would surely be here if he was not injured) Flex - Kelly Cambell; Lineman - 1990 Nat Championship Line and Shaq Mason
  5. Your Favorite Underrated GT player?

    Ha Ha Ha, got you! I'm between 50 and 60, but I didn't started college until 10 years after high school, ;)
  6. Your Favorite Underrated GT player?

    Bobby Rodriguez Marcus Wright Drew Hill Kelly Campbell Tony Hollins C. J. Williams Dez White Rodney Williams Tevin Washington Jamal Golden Jemea Thomas ...
  7. Family vs. Factory vs. GATech?

    Today several times I heard analysts describe Alabama's football program atmosphere as factory like with both players and assistant coaches knowing full well that is what they are signing up for before with the understanding that they will come out much better at football the other side. Hence...
  8. For those who think The Hill can change the curriculum

    Why doesn't Tech go private and reinstitute a board of trustees? From reading that it doesn't seem like Tech ever got much support, financial or otherwise, from the state but is/was actually retarded by the state.
  9. Playing the Freshmen in the Remaining Games

    Thanks for this info.
  10. Playing the Freshmen in the Remaining Games

    Thank you. Yes this was the intent, since you can now play in up to 4 games and not lose your red shirt. I am not suggesting throwing/tanking games.
  11. Playing the Freshmen in the Remaining Games

    With only three games plus a bowl game left in the season, what are the thoughts on CPJ playing all or most of the freshmen in the remaining games to develop, evaluate and get them game experience for next year's team?
  12. Execution

    I too believed that this was a game that screamed for passing the ball. CPJ had said many times in the past that 'some games' would belong to and depend on the wide receivers and as I watched Duke's defensive lineup I kept thinking isn't this one of those 'some games' and why aren't we throwing...
  13. Up the vibe!

    As I recall, seating for students was on a first come first serve basis in the lower and upper east stands, i.e. behind the opponents bench, during my time, 93-95, at Tech. I was told to sit down by an older alum during the Arizona game, and I told him to stand up, because if I sat down I would...
  14. Fire Paul johnson for Taking Tobais Oliver out of the game

    I did think that Oliver should have been put back into the game after the Marshall's first down throw, and I had expected that he would be. Marshall still looked gimpy to me. Why risk further injury to a gimpy Marshall when Oliver had proven quite capable?