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    GT Football Who is the GOAT

    Lil' Joe was the GOAT...Calvin was the FREAK! I'm not sure how Ron Dayne sleeps at night knowing he stole Joes' Heisman. Sad to see how much our road support has dwindled....we used to have a lot of gold/yellow in Athens
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    Spring Training 2021

    North EZ was Canada and South EZ was Cuba
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    What's the loudest you've ever heard Bobby Dodd Stadium?

    Loudest from start to finish would be ND '06. Loudest burst would be '97 UGA when we scored the go ahead TD with less than 1 min left. That place exploded (we thought we ended their 6 yr win streak)....then Bobo & the "pass interference" happened & we went from the penthouse to outhouse real quick.
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    Why is spring game at 7:29 PM?

    I hear ya, but we're supposedly going to have like 200 recruits attending....that wouldn't be the case if it were on a Sat competing against other big boy spring games.
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    Why is spring game at 7:29 PM?

    I've heard two things....1st game is on 8/29.....& other is the start time of 1st game is 7:29
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    Jalen Hurts enters Portal

    Crap...the important part of my last post got cut off. Latest odds on where he'll end up ...per @BetMyBookie... TCU +400 Maryland +500 Auburn +500 Miami +600 Houston +600 Arkansas +700 Florida +700 Alabama +700 Florida State +800 Tennessee +800 Florida Atlantic +1000
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    More GT Alums hired as quality control specialist

    I believe these are just replacing previous staff...I've noticed several names from last years support staff that are no longer listed on
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    Can we flip any UGA commits due to loss of DC & OC?

    According to The Athletic they may promote James Coley. Also said they may go after Tosh Lupoi for their DC. Would love to see Bama (or somebody) poach their OL coach Sam Pittman.
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    Bag man

    I would assume if you reported an incident, your name would leak at some point. Do you really want the wrath of an entire fan base coming down on you? You would have to move to another part of the country....would be constant harassment, death threats, etc. And schools aren't reporting each...
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    I feel like former players from that era have shot this theory down. That '07 class hit it off during the recruiting process & basically recruited each other. I think Giff Smith & Geoff Collins probably get a little too much credit
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    Fascinating podcast interview

    I miss Ralph. There was nothing like seeing Shawn Jones & Lil' Joe run his offense. You youngsters should watch the '99 GT/FSU game on youtube. I think it had every offensive formation known to man.
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    Who’s your pick for Head Coach? (Poll)

    My top 2 choices are Satterfield & Neal Brown. Elliott is intriguing & I wouldn't be mad at it (though I'd prefer someone with HC experience). Would also be fine with Monken, but I don't see us going back to the triple. Bill Clark has done a heckuva job at UAB. Lots of good choices out there...
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    Ken Wisenhunt to Interview this weekend per NFL League resources

    I can't imagine Giff coming back to college to be a position coach. Maybe a DC
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    I know UT fans got a bad rap from some of the national media about this, but when one of his co-workers testifies under oath that he witnessed Schiano turn a blind eye, it's hard to ignore. Can't blame UT fans.