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    Jordan Yates

    Thanks, @TechBurn, appreciate it. That's good to hear for sure.
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    Jordan Yates

    What did he say?
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    Game 4 #UNCvsGT Predictions

    OK so you are hoping your prediction of your team's loss is right?
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    Tony Elliott

    That's a comparison of the total offense for each team after they have each played three games.
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    Tony Elliott

    GT with 57 yards total offense per game more than Clemson after playing one of the top defenses in the nation.
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    Jordan Yates

    Agree 100%. We are very lucky to have two very fine quarterbacks. I hope they both play a lot from here on out. Bobby Dodd used multiple QBs throughout his career. In the early 50s he played Billy Brigman, Darrell Crawford and Pepper Rogers interchangeably and won a national championship.
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    Jordan Yates

    You so cool man!
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    Jordan Yates

    And I heartily disagree. Whenever I've heard of people comparing quarterbacks, they are normally talking about most passing yards, percentage completion and td/int ratios. These are the elements that make up the "PASSING QBR RATING".
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    Jordan Yates

    The rankings tables you are using apparently include rushing statistics as well as adjustments for strength of opponents. According to passing efficiency rankings included in three different sources (, and sports–, Jordan Yates passing efficiency ranking...
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    Jordan Yates

    zc I may be wrong but I suspect that for these 2-1/2 games Jordan may have the best quarterback efficiency rating since the Goose and one of the games was against one of the top 5 defenses in the country. I think the QB job is his to lose.
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    'Rique's Targeting Call

    I understand you and TECHNICALLY I guess you are correct BUT it is a stupid *** rule. It takes TWO PLAYERS to bang helmuts together and the way the rule is abused it's ALWAYS called against the defender. If I am a offensive coach/coordinator, I'm going to teach my ball carriers to always lower...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    How would you young whipper snappers have enjoyed the Bills (Curry & [email protected]#@s) winning one game a season. We still came out and yelled for the yellow britches to win every week. Then we only heard from Furman Bisher once a week. We had no 24/7 BS wringing from the internet morning, noon, and...
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    Clemson ATL?

    Quite positive I saw Clayton in the game last weekend.
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    Early line: Clemson by 29

    Minutes after his Alabama team had lost to Georgia Tech 7-6 last Saturday, in just about the biggest football upset of the year, Alabama Head Coach Paul (Bear) Bryant appeared in the winning team's dressing room, smiling and completely unbearlike, despite the hurt of having been beaten for the...