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  1. Triple Option

    Damn is this bull sh— gonna start again.
  2. Coaching Ranking by E$PN

    You ask anyone who has been around Bobby Ross and they will tell you he is as good as they are .
  3. Coaching Ranking by E$PN

    I believe a MNC in college and a Super Bowl game is about as Green as it gets.
  4. Coaching Ranking by E$PN

    Evidently you was never around CBR cause if you had of been you would know he was as good a football coach as any . Who else has done at TECH what he did and he took the Chargers to the super bowl.
  5. Coaching Ranking by E$PN

    No Bobby Ross this is a joke .
  6. The Coming Super Conference

    ugag cu bama au Ohio st and a few others have been buying players for years this is nothing new .
  7. NC State Postgame

    Comments like this is bull s—-.Get a life.
  8. Legitimate observation/question

    As of this past weekend he still says GT is where he wants to go but with kids this day and time all you can do is hope he stays the course.
  9. CGC Post Game Interview

    Ones on the way if he doesn’t change his mind.
  10. CGC Post Game Interview

    Ding ding ding man you make to much sense you should not be allowed to post on here!
  11. CGC Post Game Interview

    Coaching only goes so far and then the players have to block tackle and catch the ball when it hits in their hands.
  12. CGC Post Game Interview

    CBR did not win until he got soma players in here and he would not win with this team either. What div 1 players on the team are young and until CGC brings in 2 or 3 classes it won’t get much better.
  13. Miami Schadenfreude

    Would not want to see that.
  14. Swinney's Clemson culture explained

    If you think that these football factories don’t CHEAT then what world do you live in. They CHEAT like hell!
  15. Swinney's Clemson culture explained

    The ncaa knows what goes on !