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  1. Question about a past incident involving football players.

    That girl was not acting like a woman.
  2. Question about a past incident involving football players.

    The girl was cussing the players and called Mike a *** she got what she asked for !
  3. David Curry Entering NFL Draft

    Too SLOW!
  4. National Signing Day Coverage

    Sir you are correct. The more transfers GT can get the quicker this turns around. You have to have a jr sr dominant team to win.
  5. Off Season Priorities

    Need to get better every where but running back.
  6. Collins report card after 2 seasons

    I would give him a B plus .
  7. Things I'd like to see today

    Well if he is we’re in trouble!
  8. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    I was told when GT hired CPJ that when he left it would set GT back 10 years I’m starting to believe it.
  9. Things I'd like to see today

    Why is curry on the field?
  10. Clemson Post-game Thread

    I can not believe some of this **** that is posted on here comes from GT fans. GT has maybe 5 or 6 players that would make the 2 deep at Clem’s .
  11. Clemson Post-game Thread

    Gene ales was about to be fired at Oklahoma because his defense was weak . He became great when he got the best players money can buy !
  12. Clemson Post-game Thread

    The same
  13. Clemson Post-game Thread

    She can flat throw a football but damn she’s ugly
  14. Clemson Post-game Thread

    We have a winner.
  15. Clemson Post-game Thread

    People wake up we played a semi pro team with a very young college team and it would not have mattered if Knute Rockne was coaching GT . We need BETTER players!