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  1. ACC Discussion 2020

    Clemson would almost certainly go to the playoffs with 1 loss.
  2. Starting QB speculation

    I asked this question consistently under the previous regime.
  3. Starting QB speculation

    It's a talent issue my friend.
  4. New radio promo throw some shade!

    LOL!!! You are the one who was assuming derogatory intent because of the racial undertones. Holy smokes. That is truly hilarious. You bigot. Get with the times.
  5. New radio promo throw some shade!

    i don’t know what you are talking about. And why are you acting as if you speaking from experience on accepting change when you are 24?
  6. New radio promo throw some shade!

    I shared this in an Atlanta Sports Facebook group and have received quite the reaction.
  7. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    LOL!!! A post about somebody from outside the program calling GT a sleeping a giant is being shouted down by supposed GT fans. If you want to know GT's biggest hurdle... look in the mirror. I've been reminded why I come to this board less and less.
  8. Injuries from FSU game

    Just to throw my .02 cents in. I don't think we appreciate just how good Mason is. While I agree we have good depth behind him, I think we take a clear step back when he is not in.
  9. ACC Network’s second Takeover event -Georgia Tech (July 31)

    Power football baby. Line it up and run it down there throat.
  10. ACC Network’s second Takeover event -Georgia Tech (July 31)

    this is proof we used to be able to do this. Not long ago.
  11. ACC Network’s second Takeover event -Georgia Tech (July 31)

    We flat were the more physical team than Auburn in 05. Clear from the get go. We can get back to this.
  12. Coronavirus Thread

    Excited to see I made your signature. I will always be glad to discuss the merits of that comment if you would like. If you don't believe the government and laws of this nation are structured in such a way as to give minorities a leg up I would be glad to help you understand my perspective...
  13. CPJ, former players and racism

    No. I suggest you do some research on the movement to see color in individuals. We are no longer attempting to create a color blind society. When you hear terms such as racial justice thrown around that is a dead giveaway that what I am saying is correct. The BLM movement that is so...
  14. CPJ, former players and racism

    You are absolutely correct about this. The system is actually rigged for minorities at the moment...they still aren’t satisfied.
  15. No athletics activities on Election Day

    I have no doubt racial justice does span the political divide. Both sides would have a different interpretation of what justice looks like however.