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    Andy Staples podcast with Geoff Collins

    If recruiting is any indication (which it is), it appears UNCheat definitely got the jump on us.
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    Future schedule news

    And now UCF is moved to a Friday night.
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    Assistant Coaching changes in the off season ?

    The fact that this thread even exists is mind boggling. To give ANYONE less than 3 years in a new environment is asinine regardless of the outcome. In our case four years is likely the minimum before significant results are produced given the offense we are coming from.
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    Has fan apathy already set in?

    At this point I'm going into games not expecting to win. I just want to see improvement. I did yesterday (on O -- not D). It's honestly much easier to watch with that mentality. That being said, I'm not calling for any coaches heads. I will be patient for a year or two. I wonder if everyone else...
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    The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t read through all 50 pages to find out if anyone has posted or asked this question but... Does anyone have a link to order the white adidas dri-fit long sleeve with buzz that CGC has been wearing lately?
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    I foresee James Graham leaving. Hope I'm wrong.
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    Spring Game Postgame Thread

    Has anyone posted any stats?
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    Spring Game Postgame Thread

    Still on watch espn.
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    Spring Game Postgame Thread

    Wreck em photoshopped a navy outline with white pants and they look much better.
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    # of commits @ Spring Game - over/under?

    2 most definitely, maybe 3. Thinking one is going to be a '21 kid though (Wilcoxon). Height and Battle would probably be my guess on the other two. Doubtful, but it would be great to get a flip tonight (Jones, Morton, Baker).
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    Record Attendance Spring Game

    I will be coming up but by myself (no Tech fans in dwag country). What's the seating policy? Sit anywhere that's open?
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    Way Too Early Starting Lineup vs Clemson

    Word is TO is killing it in practice.
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    Is uga scared?

    question: "is uga scared?" answer: no.
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    404 Day Numbers

    I need a #3stripe GT hat period. I've been unable to find any good ones.