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  1. Coach Brent Key Scenario

    We need the enthusiasm, but folks are talking about everything from hiring Key as permanent coach to winning the Coastal after winning that one game. One game does not erase the issues we’ve seen with this team. It will take time. Let’s start by winning two in a row and then see where we can go...
  2. Coach Brent Key Scenario

    I would have been OK with us taking the field goal, but I understand the rationale to go for it. Our defense had played lights out to that point and pinning them at the one had a high chance of getting a safety or at least a stop. Now our execution down there was awful. The lack of push on 3rd...
  3. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    To be fair. That play where he ran down to block was great. But there were other plays where he flaked out early.
  4. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    I disagree. He missed a handful of opportunities to run for first downs and gave a weak effort on the goal line sneak (O line effort wasn’t great either). He avoids contact on most drives. I did see one case where he stuck it out for the first down, but it’s definitely the exception.
  5. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    It’s just one game man, and one where we could have also turned the ball over 3-4 times on our own. Nothing this team has shown me points to an ability to win the division. But they did win…on the road against a ranked team. That’s progress. Now build on it.
  6. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    Probably short, but if so maybe an inch. Not half yard line. Bad call because you had no angle that showed the ball clearly no over the plane. But we couldn’t get a yard when we needed it, very frustrating.
  7. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    Alright, slept on it Win still feels awesome! Great performance by D. Easy to complain about the breakdowns at the end, but given how poorly the offense played I think they were just gassed. Charlie Thomas should be first team all ACC Our offense was abysmal. They were playing so flat. It...
  8. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    20 is a stretch. Maybe 16
  9. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    My thoughts we friggin won! Charlie Thomas is incredible
  10. HC Candidate List

    I know about the scandal, but Penn State was 9-4 the year before he got there. He went 8-4 and then 7-5 in his two seasons. If anything he just kept them from falling apart when they easily could have. And they didn’t have the death penalty. It had a ton of challenges, and 8-4 is a good showing...
  11. HC Candidate List

    Can someone please explain why everyone is so high on Bill O’Brian?
  12. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Just stop with the option transition nonsense please. And every team in the country faced COVID…news flash, we performed worse than most during that stretch. There is zero excuse for how little this guy achieved.
  13. HC Candidate List

    They throw on every play
  14. HC Candidate List

  15. Week 5 #GTvsPITT Media

    Oh I completely agree and that was meant to be TIC.