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  1. Coach Dave Patenaude

    Yep. Again, it’s the situational play calling that’s baffling. Sort of crap we used to do under Gailey
  2. Coach Dave Patenaude

    I wish it were this simple, but you need to give him a little more guidance. On several occasions he’s called runs on first and second down that both get stuffed. Now, I would agree that he needs to stop getting cute on certain short yardage situations, but I’m a little too lazy right now to...
  3. Preseason Media 2021

    I loved reading this. Many have questioned his work ethic and it’s nice to see a piece showcasing how hard he is working.
  4. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    Meh - only one of those teams is that scary. The rest could be beat by anyone.
  5. This is...and will be a weird year for college football

    I mean I think one thing to consider is that georgia hasn't really played a team with that great of an offense yet. Arkansas was probably the best and they blew them out. Problem is...they may not play one until they get to Alabama. I'm not really sold on Kentucky or Florida being all that...
  6. Ticket from Duke Game?

    Anyone that went to the game yesterday know if there were hard tickets or just e-tickets? If hard tickets existed, anyone happen to keep one that I could add to the collection?
  7. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    So, now that I've slept and calmed down a bit... It was really ugly, but I'm really happy we were able to get out of there with a win. Defense played well at times and not so well at times. I'd say Duke's kicker bailed us out, but only one of those two misses was that bad. It's not uncommon...
  8. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Well we are going to need a whole bunch of special teams and defensive TDs. Their defense may not give up 34 points this year.
  9. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    I’m much more concerned with how often it ends up in a defenders hands than his release angle.
  10. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Tongue in cheek I assume. We actually got incredibly outcoached today. If Cut was our coach we’d be fighting for the coastal this year.
  11. PERSPECTIVE; ATL, 404, etc.

    This is a very interesting view of what was going on during that time and what potential was there 😊. I’m not sure I agree with it. If you take a look back 100+ years you will see a very obvious trend in college athletics that was not going to suddenly change in the 1990’s.
  12. Tech favored over Duke

    Yeah I hear you. Like I said, I do think we’ve improved. Just feels like the bar is set pretty low right now. The things we are improved on should have been a given at the start…but IIWII at this point. I actually think Pitt might be the best team in the ACC right now. And it’s not like we...
  13. Tech favored over Duke

    Fwiw I think we have improved. But let me play devils advocate for a minute. Our QB turned the ball over twice in the first four plays of last week’s game. Same guy that turned the ball over once in something like twelve snaps in game one. As such I’m not quite ready to say we are past...
  14. Tech favored over Duke

    Oof. I think you’re right. But I hate that’s where we are at.