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    Clemson, Duke, + whoever makes sense historically. We’ve played Duke more than anyone but Georgia I believe.
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    We were 95th in scoring and 92nd in total offense. I wouldn’t call that losing production. More like losing lack of production. Not a...
  • The way I see it, if nonconference games don’t matter, that frees up teams to schedule very compelling matchups that the fans want to...
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    I loved the reverse layup Bynum hit late in the Nevada game
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    I read in the AJC today that we have 8 scholarship players available on the first day of spring practice on the OL, 11 all together...
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    I can't speak for @bke1984 , but I feel a lot like the sentiment I got from his post. I don't think he was saying that the coach said...
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    To sum it up I want him to be honest…and he’s not. He can be honest and not trash players or the team.
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    Guaranteed? Ok. You going to stop the boosters from buying him out and firing the AD?
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    I’ve been worried about next year but I’m starting to think this group will surprise us next year. The young guys are really stepping up.
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    I agree. That dude can play. Pretty solid contributions as a true freshman. And Deivon is getting better. We need a big that can...
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    Deebo isn't the long term replacement for Devoe?