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  1. Fire Geoff Collins

    What gave you that impression?
  2. Fire Geoff Collins

    whats the story here? Not doubting you, but I want to hear this story if you can share
  3. 2021 G1 NIU ATL Depth Chart

    I think some people lead very uninteresting life's hahah
  4. How to rate coaches

    I would say more the talent gap between the HC and the offensive assistant was massive. Primarily due to the "cream" of assistants gravitate toward more conventional offenses
  5. How to rate coaches

    this is a great point that me and my teammates talked about when we were all seniors. Very few if any of us wanted to be GA's because being a "triple option coach" is not really sexy on the ol resume. As an OL, there are no big time places where you can get on then ladder to a great job (after...
  6. Expectations for the 2021 season

    why are you sitting in the Clemson section at BDS? I thought you were the #1 GT fan?
  7. Jay Jones Transferring

    Best story about this kid. His freshman year he was working with the OL and Coach Cook tells him to get in and run a certain set of plays. He straight up refuses to. Everyone looks at him like "Wtf...?" And he says "coach I can't go in, I'm taking mental reps only today". His nickname became...
  8. GT Player Deals

    Me and some of my old teammates have a group chat and we were discussing this whole NIL thing last night. Our biggest take away is that there are going to be a lot of SA's who are going to find out from the invisibile hand of the market that they are NOT as commercially valuable as they would...
  9. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Having went to HS in South GA this gives me plenty of perspective. If these yokels were as smart as they all thought they were, they wouldn't be coaching AAA football in a one horse town 2hrs south of the Macon mall This is like listening to your sister in law who is a nursing assistant tell...
  10. Jamie Foxx at GT

    Yeah never heard of this guy? Why is he posting about GT to his millions of followers? Can we return to obscurity please?
  11. Antwan Owens Enters the Transfer Portal

    Before you get your panties in a twist, it looks like my edit I wrote a few mins later didn't post. What I am saying is that it's incredibly unlikely that the strain of classes most FB players take would drive them away from the school.
  12. Antwan Owens Enters the Transfer Portal

    No that's not it at all
  13. Antwan Owens Enters the Transfer Portal

    For all the bellyaching about transfers, has one gone to a better program than GT?
  14. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Funny enough, CPJ told that same story just applied to college coaching with much more colorful language.
  15. Players Numbers..

    the real question is what have you actually given? I have given 5 years of my life, ACL, and a couple concussions.