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    So one assistant position still available….

    I’m sure a legal interpretation of his contract is that we are not paying him to be A coach, we are paying him to be the HEAD coach. Demoting him is firing him from that position, and would trigger the buyout.
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    Jose and Moses Post Draft

    Box score from Moses’ G-League game
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    Preseason Media 2021

    AJC article about Devoe's offseason training, which has me really excited about the season.
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    Jose and Moses Post Draft

    I think the hoopsrumors article is correct, that last year they changed to paying 1/2 the rookie minimum as a flat salary, rather than pro-rating based on how much time you spent at each level.
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    2021 - 2022 GT Basketball Schedule

    My email said "lower-level sideline seating", but easy to overlook.
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    Shot Quality metrics

    @gt24 was referencing the graphics he started this thread with, from a site called Shot Quality. They apparently have a complex formula, described as follows: I have no idea whether they actually have sufficient data to measure what they claim. However, their result shows that GT is taking very...
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    Shot Quality metrics

    In thinking about this more, I suspect these charts classify good shots/bad shots independent of the shooter. In an earlier chart posted by this Twitter account Moses was in a quadrant of “should shoot more 3 pointers”. So part of it might be we have lineups whose range doesn’t extend to the 3...
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    Shot Quality metrics

    I agree that this must be part of the explanation. Here’s a chart posted Feb 2nd with GT detailed, only 5 games charted whereas Gonzaga had 15 charted.
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    Shot Quality metrics

    Sigh. Fine.
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    Shot Quality metrics

    I have no idea if this chart is accurate, but if so good lord GT
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    In your earlier analysis you assumed that since he played the season he was an eligible student athlete under the NC law, which does seem like a reasonable assumption. However, in the article, from the plaintiff’s lawyer, their position is: which also seems reasonable. :) Also, although I’m...
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    NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Northeastern University is refunding a proportionate share (6 weeks out of 16) of housing and meal plan costs. I was actually surprised that they made this decision. No idea what their financials look like at the moment.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    An article in the AJC on the Sjolund and Price transfers reminded me that Sylvester Ogbonda left after last year with one year of eligibility remaining. What he did at Ohio may be what Cole is looking for.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    I mean, he talked to the AJC about his decision, and said: "I just want to do what’s best for me,” said Cole, from South Forsyth High. “It’s really nothing against Georgia Tech. I’ve loved my time there for the past three years. I just want to see if there’s other options.” and then: “I’m just...
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    What's the takeaway with the number of transfers?

    He seems to half believe in "Get Old, Stay Old". Given the effort he expended chasing Wendell Carter and other 1 and done types he looked like he really wanted to jump start the process. And though I don't follow recruiting other than here, I have the impression that he might have slow-played...