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    CGC Tweet w/UGA

    2 different cities;)
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    Ticket Info Quick Lane Bowl

    we have 6 seats Sec 108 row 25. See you there!
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    [Poll] Out of pure curiosity - Did you attend Georgia Tech?

    I was a UMBC Retriever but my wife and I are 100% a Tech fans. My son is a 2nd year AE at Tech and we have been hooked since he started there . I have been to a couple football, basketball, and volleyball games and any game that is at Pitt (I am in PA). Fortunately I have been able to...
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    Introduce yourself

    I live near Gettysburg PA and am the proud father of a first year AE Tech student. My wife and I have since become big Tech fans and have watched on TV or listened to every football and basketball game this year. I joined this site because it looks like a really good place to follow...