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    Boycott Sweetwater

    You ever done a GameDay there? I didn't realize that. Now you're going to get me in trouble switching out my golf during round Sweetwater 420 for the draft (insert club name) IPA.
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    PFF Season Grades to date

    I would've sworn Juanyeh played more snaps than that in 2018.
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    Annual reminder about today's college football

    So the theory is booster involvement at the big money level is bad and at the smaller level is good? We should get every booster to pay a certain amount every year and promote it as a club of sorts with a nonsensicalbut catchy name. Doesn't have to be a lot to make a big difference in our bottom...
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    There is no objective evidence that any team in the ACC is actually any good this year. Probably a side effect of having one of, if not the, worst TV deals of any P5 conference. It's a revenue problem, really.
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    #KSUvsGT Postgame

    My thoughts: 1) Our team cannot stay focused and finish strong. It is insanely frustrating to watch the chunk plays we gave up today, but it's also the empty drives when it's time to demonstrate a killer instinct. We need to find a way to get that instinct, because it's cost us 1 loss already...
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    O Line Starters

    I'm just ready to see the guys play. Hopefully they're improved.
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    Pick one: Collins, Choice, Thacker, Key, or Patenuade

    Well, he was considering taking a job at USCe last off-season, so you can read between the lines about how he feels about some things. He wasn't a great OC, though, so I'm not sure how much weight to place on certain thoughts of his.
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    Gold Koolaid

    No, I don't think it's scheme either. From what I saw on the tape at Temple and Sims last year is a bunch of risky throws/misreads. Makes me think there's a practice emphasis on getting the ball out on time as opposed to ball security (yes, you can go too far the other way on this one as well)...
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    Gold Koolaid

    Things I'm positive about: 1) Transfers on DL and LB - should be able to execute scheme more effectively with these guys. 2) Pass rush improvement - videos from camp show a level of explosiveness and focused violence that I just haven't seen previously 3) RB - self explanatory Things that...
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    Ross Statue

    I heard Bobby Ross ate steak during the 1990 season... Don't worry, this will be morally repugnant soon enough.
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    Rankins and Ellison Done

    It's a shame about Rankins. Had high hopes for him. IIRC he was also first from his family to go to college.
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    CGC on Marty Smith's America the Podcast

    Can you be more specific as to what he says? I'm not going to lie. I can't stand the Marty Smith guy, so the more detailed the better.
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    Writer and Analyst ACC Forecasts

    Agreed. Looking back: - 2003 thru 07 we were ~20 ppg - 2008 we were 22.1 ppg - 2009 thru 16 we were ~26 ppg, with the exception of 2012 where we were 30.2 ppg - 2017 onwards is a regression that is statistically appalling tbh. Assuming we don't get back to 2009, 2014, 2016 offensive output, I...