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  1. Expansion Talk 2021

    FSU and Clemson to the SEC. Miami, North Carolina, Virginia and GT to the Big 10. GT’s best assets are Atlanta market, recruits from Georgia, and, believe it or not, academics.
  2. Nashville Regional - Vandy, Ga Tech, Indiana St, Presbyterian

    Pretty much sums it up. Thanks for your and others great input on GT baseball this year.
  3. What is Josh Pastner's Ceiling?

    I think we can consistently be 4-8 in the ACC, tournament and top 25 most years and an occasional final 8 team.
  4. GTWBB vs South Carolina, Sunday Mar 28, 1PM ABC

    Great season. Now recruit, recruit, recruit.
  5. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    Fun year. I think CPJ has proven he is a good, and improving coach, he and his assistants have proven they can develop players, now he must prove he can consistently bring in quality recruiting classes, like he did this year. If he does this, GT is in for some good basketball.
  6. Coaching Carousel 6 - You can't make everyone happy. You are not bacon.

    I don’t get the feeling Pastner is out to get rich from Georgia Tech. I don’t think he has the super ego of a lot of coaches. I think being successful is more important to him than making huge money.
  7. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    It is important that we win most of our remaining games whether we make the tournament or not. One more recruiting year like this year, a couple of highly rated transfers coming home and GT will be golden in a couple of years.
  8. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    Best post I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s hoping we can also get a quality transfer or two this Spring, assuming Wright, Alvarado and Usher move on.
  9. 2021 Season Tickets

    I’m already in. Hope and pray I get to sit in my seats this year without a damn mask.
  10. GT @ UL Mon 2/1 ACCN

    I think 6-3 we are on the bubble, 7-2 a lock. Lots of variables though.
  11. 2021 Schedule

    At least it’s a step up from a grammar school football offense.
  12. Tier 9: Yikes

    Obviously you moved to Colorado for the weed. CPJ had a good run for us, but he could not sniff O’Leary and was slightly better than Gailey. Finally, he inherited a very good team, but left us with a real mess on our hands.
  13. Heupel from UCF hired at UT

    I would not lay awake at night worrying about this.
  14. Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    During the summertime, I get on my riding mower and cut the grass about 3 times a week, whether it needs it or not. Nobody messes with me when I am on the mower, no phone calls, no texts, no emails, etc.
  15. Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    Anytime you have 85 people, I can almost assure you all 85 are not going to be happy.