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    Ncaa chances

    The more games we miss, the more likely we are left out.
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    NCST game is cancelled

    Let's play Duke on Saturday, then use one of the future Duke dates to play one of the postponed games.
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    Funny Stuff

    .. are we there yet?
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    How many Tech games have you attended

    120 to 140 for me. To lazy remember how many when we didn't live in Georgia and to add in games on the road, especially when we lived in Raleigh. I'll just say the 400+ is a job well done!
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    Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    Any have an AE degree?!?!?
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    GT face mask

    It's all about priorities!
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    Pressley Harvin III Wins Ray Guy Award

    Hope he can have a long productive career in the NFL.
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    9.5 favorite over Wake

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    Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Wednesday 7pm

    Hey, and it's on at a decent time!!!
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    any of you dealing with the new Bermuda Triangle?

    Only short two packages... Still show "in transit", so I am not blaming porch pirates...yet!
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    9.5 favorite over Wake

    Another thing I liked about the game, was the limited number of fouls and the fact that the game was over in less than 2 hours!
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    9.5 favorite over Wake

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    9.5 favorite over Wake

    Kudos to the Whitt kid at WF! Just graduated from high school back in December. NCAA apparently will allow him to play the balance of this year and not count against his eligibility, Is that what I heard?
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    Introduce yourself

    What about the Third Street Tunnel Pub? Although I don't think it opened until '83 or '84.
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    Bowl Season 2020

    tOSU is kicking Clemson arse