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    UNC Preview Thread -- Who is UNC?

    If we can score touchdown in each one of our possessions I think we have a good chance to win. We should be focusing on doing that regardless of what UNC does in their first two or three possessions.
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    Going into the closet - CGC edition

    Just win! Won't be catching me in those skinny leg things though!
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    Hire Geoff Collins

    Still need better clock management...
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Team stats
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Comments based off of data...?
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

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    Hire Geoff Collins

    Still an L, BUT I feel a whole lot better about the team than I did two weeks ago!
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Heck of a game and we had a chance Proud of the team.
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    Boycott Sweetwater

    Kiss them goodbye, or just shake the dust off your feet...
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    Miami to lose to Michigan State... And cut into the GT game 😠
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    Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Predictions

    If it helps in your score outcome... Yates is expected to start tomorrow. LinkAJC Link
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    Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Predictions

    I hope that he almost 80% of us are wrong!
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    UNC at MBS kickoff at 7:30p

    I was able to last week and gave already downloaded.
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    Non-adidas GT Swag

    My first thoughts too!
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    Credit for the Win today

    Let it die a natural death, assuming that we don't have any more stinker losses this season they would cause anybody to add to that thread.