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    The Head Coach Hated Me

    I don't really remember the situation, and obviously this was during the Bobinski era so moral probably wasn't very high around the office, but it doesn't sound like he has fond memories of his time at Tech- and especially CPJ.
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    We've been the focus of a few reddit threads this week

    Interesting discussion. I was intrigued by the idea that Muschamp was apparently seriously considered for head coach. I for one am glad that he refused to say THWG and didn't get hired, I had never heard that before.
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    GT-pups tickets wanted

    Joining the club here, I have a single extra ticket, my dad is unable to attend this year. He just would like the face value, If you are looking for an extra, PM me. Thanks!
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    92.9 Talking GT During 11 hour for the whole Hour

    I tuned in, I didn't think they were overly condescending in their comments or anything, just not overly knowledgeable about the program. They talked for a little bit about the Tech fans they have talked to to who aren't fans of the offense but that it get the job done, etc. etc. I honestly...
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    Question about a past coach?

    It's probably a bit of a stretch, but Coach Rice said that back before we did all the upgrades in the early 80's, if a recruit came, they would show him around campus and the stadium, and when it came time to look at the locker rooms, the GA who had the keys would be conveniently out of the...
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    1990 Virginia game

    There are, but CRF called the plays from the press box, and several times throughout the game the headsets were going out when we were on offense then magically would start working again when Virginia was on offense.
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    The FBS and the big problem in the future

    I think it hits it right on the head- I live in Tallahassee and ran into Gene Deckerhoff today and he was telling me that Jimbo Fisher was talking to him about how frustrating it was for him looking at a school like Alabama because they have such a larger staff than EVERYONE else in college...
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    Zach and Jeff Podcast w/ CPJ

    Great interview. It just shows that he is a man of character and not the villain that he is portrayed as.
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    Andy Demetra and cpj on 92.9

    Just tuned in to #GaTech Day and Vince Dooley is on. Not talking about #GaTech
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    When O'Leary was made HC, Lugginbill came into his office and basically told him the he had been promised a pass heavy offense when he came to Tech. O'Leary told him that they were going to run the ball and stop the run, that was the key to success. Lugginbill transferred.
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    How Coach Johnson Stacks up among former YellowJacket Coaches!

    Based on his age, CPJ has the opportunity to move pretty high on the all time wins list.
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    Initial #s look at Free Shoes

    I'm in grad school at FSU and my wife is an FSU alum so if it doesn't interfere with Tech, we go to the FSU game. Something Jimbo has said about this team is how good they are at responding, when someone throws the first punch they are always able to counter punch. I want to say that 6 teams...
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    680 The Fan, The Flagship Station???

    I was listening to 680 today and heard that segment about Miami being terrible. He went on to say how Duke, NC State, Virginia, the whole ACC is terrible. So, basically they are saying - "no matter how many teams we beat this year, it won't matter and we aren't going to cover you." And- the way...
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    I gave up..

    Butker with the first of hopefully a few game winners in his career for us! When we punted with 8 min, I was afraid it was over. I'm glad I kept the TV on in the background!
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    The Paul Johnson Radio Show

    I never can remember to listen to it live, so I always grab the podcast and listen in the car later on in the week.