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  1. Quarterback for next year

    We have three 4-star QBs on our roster, and all are sophomores and below (R-So, R-Fr, and Fr). It's a bit of a logjam right now, but I imagine a steady stream of good QBs (one per year) coming through each year. That's a good thing to have, and I see no reason to discount any of them yet...
  2. Our Offense

    You missed an important part from that article though that really explains people's angst about this team. "Of Tech’s 12 lowest yards-per-game average in the Johnson tenure, five have occurred in the past 13 games." We may have had a lot of success up to 2014, but 2015-2016 have been really...
  3. CBS Ranks Power Five Football Coaches

    Because that happened in 2014, and this article was written in 2016.
  4. Another cause for concern

    And Jamarcus Russell threw a TD pass one time. Good kickers are consistent, especially on run-of-the-mill kicks. Butker has a big leg and he's been great on kickoffs, sure, but he also needs to make the routine plays. In his radio show, Coach Johnson said that we have varied expectations...
  5. Another cause for concern

    People give Butker a pass on everything because of the UGA kick, but I have lost confidence in him. Good kickers make kicks inside of 39 yards at a better rate than 60%.
  6. Had Johnson been coaching the Seahawks.....

    There's actually a fourth option (also bad), which we saw against UGA this year: the forward fumble.
  7. What group or position would you want to stand out?

    Thanks. I can only lurk for so long before I say something.
  8. What group or position would you want to stand out?

    I'm surprised at these responses. It's like everyone is assuming that the OL is either elite or terrible (while assuming that the QB will be decent by default). Assuming all position groups are decent with one elite, I have to pick QB. He handles the ball and runs the offense. He can also...