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  1. Juanyeh at the Combine

    Nice highlights for Mr. Thomas!! Really hope he makes it to the NFL.

    Just damn.
  3. Building the Offensive Line

    I wonder how good of a job the staff is doing on evaluating OL talent and/or coaching them up. If you look at top teams they often have underclassmen as starters and backups. This were the rosters at the start of 2021(I realized they were not current after I pulled the data....) I literally...
  4. atlanta question

    Train will get you righ to the stadium. Take the west line from Five Points. You should be able to follow the crowd.
  5. Ticket Exchange

    See gtmama post two before you 😀
  6. Jeff Sims

    It sucks Yates was not available today. I was screaming to sit Sims for a series or two just to let him regroup. He was clearly off today and was inaccurate on almost every throw. I think sitting a series might have helped. Knowing that Yates was not available is one less strike against the...
  7. Geoff Collins Press Conference Post Miami

    I thought the most telling thing was that he referenced his time at temple as if he had some formula for success after two years at temple. He went 15-10 at temple. While we would take that at this point it’s not like he was super successful is those amazing two years. I want him to...
  8. Jeff Sims

    At the end of the VT game, they were rushing 3 and getting almost immediate pressure on the Sims. Early in the game on many of his drop backs, by the time Sims got to is plant foot he was dealing with pressure from the edge w/ no time to make reads or get set for a throw. I'm not sure either...
  9. 2021 ACC and Competition News

    It’s streaming on espn app.
  10. Kickers

    How much does coaching affect kickers? Current crew inherited Wells who was awesome the year prior. Have cycled through a few others. Then got in a kicker from UT that was at least moderately successful and so far has struggled.
  11. NCAA v. Alston in the Supreme Court

    Do you pay ALL athletes money? Do you pay them all the same amount of money? If you pay them, do you still grant scholarships? Keep in mind the cost of a college education today. An out of state scholarship at GT is worth $50K a year. That is a LOT of money. A Vanderbilt student is getting...
  12. Returning players for 2021-22

    Question for this discussion - you have to be a full time student to come back, and you have to maintain academic progress. Would any Sr. coming back be required to get into grad school? Or could they get a minor or something like that? Or do they really have 5 years of undergrad time?
  13. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    I’m watching these other games and thinking that with Moses and better seeding we are at least a sweet 16 team.
  14. Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    Great win! No complaining but curious on why Sturdivant got so few minutes. He played well when in there. Liability on defense?
  15. 2020 Ticket Exchange

    Anyone have 4 available for Thursday vs. Pitt? Son’s birthday so no better way to celebrate than GT football!!