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  1. Week 1 #CLEMvsGT Media

    So on the ATL, what has happened to LBs Meiguiez and Franks? Are they injured also?
  2. Who will be our leading scorer this year?

    I’m going M Kelly. His stroke looks good to me and I think he is more aggressive than Debo and has no conscience when he shoots which is what a scorer should have if the coach gives him freedom and won’t punish him for misses
  3. Stansbury Seat Temperature

    I attended a GTAA weekend retreat in the NC mountains with prospective high donors where Bud made his speech/appeal for their money. After his spiel I asked about the football team and he told us the same thing-that the football team were essentially just a gnat on an elephant compared to what...
  4. NC st. Vs GT, Battle to Stay/Get Out of the Basement

    I agree with almost all of the negative comments about that game. It seemed they tried to play at a pace beyond their comfort level and threw up wild shots and wild passes for turnovers. D was erratic on the high switch and too many aggressive run outs at shooters in the zone were always a step...
  5. The Program Training (video)

    I had Coach Mccauley in 1974. My memory of that was the underwater swim test. Had to forward flip from the deep end so no momentum and swim underwater to the other end and then all the way back and touch the wall for an A. I think you got a C for touching the away wall and a B for getting...
  6. GT Ranked 48th in Preseason SP+ Projections

    The game has changed. To ignore that is to ignore the obvious. When they let o linemen go 3 to 5 yds downfield on RPOs the game changed. I am not biased towards a scheme so I’d take any success at this point even if it meant looking like a Big 12 team...Name an ACC team other than Clemson that...
  7. GT Ranked 48th in Preseason SP+ Projections

    I mostly just read this message board and don’t respond. i used to really enjoy reading your messages and was entertained by your fandom and especially your helmet and jersey memorabilia artifacts. Somehow you went off the rails. You act like GT never went thru down periods and what I really...
  8. DMo to SC

    IB is speaking the truth. Derrick’s staff position was cut about 10 years ago. The GT FCA had to have a fundraiser to pay his salary ever since. I am sure he is getting better benefits from a staff position at usc for him and his wife and I am happy for them both. If you want to place blame...
  9. Clemson Post-game Thread

    Look I live in Greenville sc and I caught the Dabo press conference earlier this week. Besides the normal coach speak when asked about the tech players lifting weights before the game it was a pause and then a ‘no comment’. He never does that. Make no mistake this was a statement game by good...
  10. 2020 Offseason Thread

    Thank you for the links to the 1970 highlights. That was one of my favorite teams. Living in South Carolina, I got to go to the South Carolina opening game and the game in Athens. I was only 13 but demanded to go to the uga game. My mom and dad had tickets, but bought me a ticket off the...
  11. gt @ clemson

    Littlejohn. I’ve seen price and salley lose there, Kenny A, Bosh, etc. Wasn’t surprised we lost but getting down 20-2 wasn’t what I expected after last 3 games.
  12. gt @ clemson

    I agree. Already short 2 and seemed we were searching for a 5 that would play. Why wouldn’t you go with the 5 that made the run at end of 1st half? And then not getting banks the ball until late was not good.
  13. GT (+8.0) vs. #10 Virginia Tech

    That’s some good info...setting the D early is probably worth more than 1 rebound a game. However I would think end game situations should potentially change that strategy and I would hope JP would take that into consideration
  14. GT (+8.0) vs. #10 Virginia Tech

    I only saw the last 5 minutes, but Alston brought them back. Yall critique him but he was aggressive with the ball. IMO on the last meaningful possession Devoe should have kept the ball on the side and tried to make a play instead of passively giving it off to Brandon. What did you expect him to...
  15. Hype and the GT fanbase

    Hey it was my wife’s opinion as I stated. I thought I made my option separate. Sorry you disparage a converted war eagle alum who has been pretty devoted since 1980 but it’s tech fans so I get it.