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  1. Getting Specific about Improvement

    Lacking a pass rush and lacking a lock down defensive back does not let the coaches off the hook for misunderstandings in our coverage last year which were numerous. I hope Coach Collins as defensive coordinator will make sure communication is tightened up such that if we get beat it's...
  2. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    i like choice and gibbs wish i could change teams. just can't do it - too much invested here.
  3. Let's go about this different only positive things ( Why will Tech win 6 games or more next year)

    I like your comments but one thing that I would add is in regard to getting the confusion out of the secondary could improve things a lot. It shouldn't be hard to correct issues regarding not knowing your zone coverage responsibility or if in man-to-man who your man is to cover. Or for that...
  4. Bowl Season

    I think Satterfield is a good coach. He did make a bowl and he is very well respected as good offensive schemer. I don't think we had a shot to hire him but if we did then HE would have been a good pick.
  5. Quez Jackson Declares for the Draft

    I thought he had some more time with us but oh well - He played better than anyone on the team last year as his 2nd team All-ACC reflects. Wish him the best.
  6. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    I'm just not sure how he will do - don't get me wrong, he's good and will play - but as their #1 back I'm just not sure. He is very fast and probably the best in the country on wheel routes and out of the backfield. As a return man, maybe the best in country. Running up the middle and...
  7. Where to begin? Offense or Defense?

    I would do everything I could to get big athletic lineman for both offense and defense and then find a QB. A good line will draw a QB in recruiting. If I have learned anything lately, its you are only as good as your big guys. Northern Illinois made a big jump this year and is was primarily...
  8. Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    I thought we were flat out talented - even more so that UNC. LSU was long. athletic and we simply had no one on the team that could handle their ball pressure. LSU's offense is weak but their defense was too much for us and I knew early the only way we were going to win was playing great...
  9. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)

    "Opportunities like this are a testament to a successful program.” - Coach speak:sneaky:
  10. All ACC team announced

    Hope he doesn't go in the portal. I really like them although I did see him get frustrated at the end of some losing games and it affected his play.
  11. Staff Changes

    While I have serious doubts about GC's ability to turn the ship, I do understand the financial situation we are in and that we had talent issues upon transition to GC. As far as transition from TO, I see that as an excuse and overblown - football is football. However we are where we are and...
  12. Ranking Geoff Collins 10 Best Wins

    these are very good but you missed one - Marking the ball out of bounds correctly
  13. Checking on you guys

    Glad to see Pitt doing so well. Love the QB - hope the falcons pick him. My take since you are asking 1. Recruiting is improving and give the coaches credit for this. 2. Offensive staff is doing better. Some of the play calling leaves a little to be desired but team is improving and looks...
  14. Jordan Yates

    I agree Swilling has had a bad year but I still think he can play. Two years ago he was great and last year he was not bad. Thomas is strong on run defense but weak on pass and #2 has to go.
  15. Game 11 #GTvsND Predictions

    Wonder if ND scout team is showing their starting offense the play where you just let the receiver go in the secondary to run free for TD catch. That coverage is one of our keystones,